Not Just Another Version, A Defense of The King James Bible

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  1. A Response to a Brother in Christ – Dr. Morris’ “Defense” of the King James Bible Reviewed
  2. Various questions and brief answers
  3. How We Got the King James Version of the Bible

God bless you Allan. Thanks brother for being used of God for sake of His Word to be well understood. God bless. Thank you Dinah, My greatest joy in life is being used by God for His purposes. It is the greatest life a person can live. Evelyn, The King James Bible is indeed a beautiful version of the Bible and has inspired, informed, encouraged, and been a blessing to many through the years, and continues to do so today. However, it too is a translation from the original languages Greek, Hebrew, a bit of Aramaic and is subject to the limitations inherent in the translation process.

There are other translations that are as accurate as the KJV. The Christian should pray for guidance, and then use the version of the Bible that he or she best understands.

Keep in mind that the closer to word-for-word a translation is, the better. God bless you Evelyn. I believe the KJV. I believe and trust the King James Bible — every word. Chaplain Bob, Thank you for reading and commenting. I feel sorry for those people. God bless you Chaplain Bob, may the Word continue to bless you. I really enjoyed reading Mr. I submitted that NIV is a copyrighted work, therefore it has to be substantially different from other bibles in order for it to be considered a different work.

I think that is the point Chaplain Bob was making regarding copyrighted work being the final authority. Hi Michael, Thanks for reading and commenting. I pray God richly blesses you in His service. First, a copyright is not a bad thing. It also protects the work from being manipulated or altered after its publication.

A copyright does not make anything better or worse, it is simply legal protection. Therefore, each of them would qualify for a copyright, which pertains to the English or whatever other language into which it was translated.

A Response to a Brother in Christ – Dr. Morris’ “Defense” of the King James Bible Reviewed

Both were translated from the original languages of Hebrew and Greek. Your reply almost slipped my attention, since I had been watching Bro. This was reference to something I submitted to Bro. The point I was making is that in order for the NIV to be considered copyright-able by law it needs to be substantially different for it to be considered a new work. NIV is very different in that respect. Another example is NIV where they have introduced gender neutral language, which confuses the reader as to even who is being referred to or who is present when the statement was made.

Agreed, copyrighting is something modern translators do to protect their work. Hi Michael, Thanks for getting back to me. I like one that is closer to a word-for-word. The NIV does happen to be the most popular version according to sales today.

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However, popularity should never be the guidelines by which we make spiritual choices. Nevertheless, while writing this article, I became reacquainted with it and have been using is quite often since. It is an accurate translation and a beautifully written version. Thank you for your response Michael. Have a blessed New Year.

It contains the text of the version and extensive study helps mostly language clarifications by E.

The language helps are really very good though. The other thing you could do is to ask someone at a Christian book store. The version may be more available than we think. Whichever version you use, keep studying His Word, it is the light upon your path.

Various questions and brief answers

For those who are asking, Hendrickson Bibles publish a word for word facsimile of the original Version, with original notes. It even has the old spelling, however the print is not the old Gothic style. ISBN I got one it has the original margins notes etc. I think it was published as part of the th anniversary of the KJV. Like always you can get them on Amazon or similar.

History of the King James Version

Robert I believe that the KJV language was very carefully selected to be poetic and written with a rhythm. It was thus written so as to make it easily memorable and that was the main reason. Bibles were too expensive for most people to own one and therefore it was important for people to easily memorize what they heard from the priest on Sunday. While the KJV is beautiful sounding and a great literary work, I find it astounding howeve,r that some people some obviously commenting here seem to think that the KJV is somehow the only correct, or most correct translation of the Bible.

Clearly much has been learned about ancient language translation and there have been archeological finds since Further I find it truly incredible that some devout kjv followers go to the extent of calling all modern day translations heretic or under the influence of Satan. There is no special process that sets the KJV accuracy above any other word for word translation of the Bible. Given the reason for the translation of the KJV on the direction of Prince James, it is also good to question if the translators did not have some slight pressure on them in relation monarchical related scriptures.

Similarly modern day Bibles seems to have pressure put on them in relation to gender neutrality. While the language in the KJV is very beautiful it is found by many very difficult to read and modern day versions help more people to read the Bible than if only the KJV were available. I know my Mother for example has never read the Bible all the way through and does not read it, despite attending church every week. I believe this is because her church tells her that the KJV is the only bible to be read and she finds it too difficult as she does not read well.

Great observations Timothy.

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  • You make some excellent points concerning different versions and the so-called superiority of one version over another. God bless you, Brother. Robert, I have had several discussions, within an article by Jack Wellman on predestination versus freewill, about the subject of the King James Bible. I do not wish to repeat or belabor the point, as anyone can go and read it for themselves. I just want to give you some information on copyright laws that you may not be aware of.

    How We Got the King James Version of the Bible

    In order to obtain a copyright, a literary work must be noticeably different from any other, and you must state that you are the ORIGINAL author of the work. I am sorry, but I have to question the integrity of anyone who claims to be the original author of the Holy Scriptures. The only reason a government that is so against God has for allowing deceit to be publicized, is to keep the public confused and at odds with one another.

    It reminds me of how God used differing languages to confound the men who were building the Tower of Babel. They could no longer work together and be of one mind. Just look at the divisions and denominations of men, and understand that the author of confusion is alive and well in our midst. Our country itself is falling to pieces because we no longer operate in agreement and of one accord in our efforts to follow the God of Heaven. Our founding Fathers did and built a great America.

    They based their belief and practice on the King James Bible for centuries as this country was built and established. Scriptures teach that God himself would preserve His Word for His people. He accomplished that for English speaking people through the King James Bible. Why do you think that is? Because Satan only needs to confuse the followers of Christ in order to accomplish his purposes. Read it again if need be until you get it and it is clear.

    Answers to criticisms of specific verses in the KJV

    You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! Isa How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! I feel you have a much better grasp of the Bible versions issue over and above many with the title Dr before their name. Hi Chaplain Bob, Thanks for comment. However, when one looks at the context surrounding these passages always a good thing to do , it is clear that these two passages are not talking about the same person.

    Only someone who wishes to be decieved would ever confuse the two. We are majoring on minor things when we should be focused elsewhere. Every English Bible is a translation from the Hebrew and Greek, the word-for-word translations are the best, but sometimes going word-for-word from one language to the next results in gobbledegook; therefore, we must make the words understandable to the readers.

    I believe that God is powerful enough to take even mistranslated words and use them to His glory…no matter what translation they came from. To Him be the glory. God bless you, Chaplain Bob. Thank-you Chaplain Bob for your kind words. I do not want to be deceived, but I have little confidence in my own thoughts and ideas. He has been abundantly merciful to me a sinner. To Him be the glory!