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The beginning was slooooow and rather boring and then everything happened really fast, The End. It wasn't bad , and I am willing to pick up another book by this author in the hopes that they intend to strengthen their writing. But it's a Siren book, so I won't hold my breath while I wait. Greer had pulled his long brown hair back in a ponytail and wore a pair of blue jeans that rode low on his slim hips.

He topped it off with a dark blue polo shirt. Greer walked away from the coffeemaker and over to him in the work area. He hopped up into one of the chairs. Dimitri sat down in a chair next to him.

The Pearl of the Dragon [the Triplet Mermen Trilogy] (Siren Publishing Classic Manlove)

We worked until three. His friends carted him out of here right after you left.

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He was still asleep. He never woke up while I worked on him. Greer shook his head. To go to jail? He was so sleepy. Dimitri doubted it.

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But he probably noticed them as soon as he undressed. The kid had a nice ass. And he had baby-soft skin. Greer laughed. His friend with the blond hair wanted this big-ass skull and crossbones on his arm, but I talked him into a smaller one.

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Dimitri chuckled. I gave her a small tiger paw. The coffeemaker beeped. Greer got out of the chair and walked over to the pot and poured himself a cup. I just have the feeling that you liked him. What other reason would he have to come to the French Quarter? Greer walked back over to him and sat down.

Dimitri shook his head, remembering the conversation between them in the restroom of the arcade. A rich kid would never give him a second thought. It fits him. Dimitri rose and began taking out his tools and organizing them in his area. Greer finally finished his coffee and did the same. The doorbell rang about an hour later, putting an end to their conversation.

For now he would only think of Eli as the one who got away. Who knew? Maybe the two of them might see each other again in another life. The music in the background set the mood as Eli lost every bit of his nervousness and used his mouth to stimulate him. His back arched as Eli ran his tongue up and down both sides of the shaft. Eli opened his mouth and went down on his length. He gagged a little but soon got the hang of how to maneuver.

Dimitri rolled his hips. Eli gasped and covered his knob in saliva. What an ass.

He reached up and fingered the tiny hole. Eli moaned but did not stop trying to suck him to death.

Guardian S King Siren Publishing Classic Manlove Kenley Britt (ePUB/PDF)

He wet a finger with saliva and pushed the tip inside. This is virgin territory. You need a little prepping, preppy. Eli groaned at his joke. Dimitri added more spit to help work the finger in deeper. Eli gasped, this time from pleasure. Dimitri reached forward and stroked it with his other hand. Dimitri introduced a second finger and Eli nearly sprang off the bed.

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