How To Get Him Back From The Other Woman (If You Still Want Him)

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Of course, I could worry about it if I wanted to, but why would I do that and ruin the relationship? You may have made mistakes that turned her off and made her want to cheat on you or leave you and she may have made a mistake by cheating or hooking up with a guy after you and her broke up. You can bring it back to life, if you can forgive her and move forward together with an open mind and trust in the fact that the respect, attraction and love that you and her feel for each other will deepen over time.

If your ex gets the sense that you can do that now based on how you now talk to her, behave and react to her , she will open back up to you and want you back.

I’m in love with a man who won’t leave his long-term girlfriend

Personally speaking, my wife and I got to Stage 5 a long time ago and have kept that going ever since. Sometimes, if a guy puts everything into his relationship with a woman, it can be difficult for him to move on and consider hooking up with other women for three main reasons:.

When Your Husband Leaves You and You Want Him Back♥ My Husband Left Me. How Do I Get Him Back?

The key to success with women is to be fearless and not let one bad experience ruin you for life. Besides, even though a woman might act like she is angry that her ex hooked up with another woman, it actually makes her feel more attracted to him. Women are attracted to men who are liked, loved and wanted by other women, which is why the more famous a celebrity becomes or the more popular a normal guy becomes, the more attractive he is to women.

On the other hand, women are turned off by guys who are not liked, loved and wanted by other women. However, if you have hooked up with another woman and enjoyed the sex, you will naturally feel as though you and her are even and can both forget about the other people and move on together as a couple. Women are attracted to men who are confident, happy and forward moving in life with or without her. At least having my ex back is better than having to go out there and getting rejected. So, if you want her back for real, you should begin improving your ability to attract her right away.

Women stay with men who make them feel respect, attraction and love, not pity, frustration and annoyance. Your anger towards her will eventually erode any remaining positive feelings between you and her and will be replaced by negative emotions such as anger, resentment and mistrust. So, make sure that if you take her back, you are willing to leave the past behind and make a fresh start where neither of you bring up past mistakes.

He might take her back, make her fall deeply in love with him again and then begin to treat her badly e.

However, if you want to take the high road and be a good person, I recommend that just forget all about her and focus all your energy on hooking up with an even more beautiful woman than her, falling in love with her and being extra happy and fulfilled in your life. When your ex sees photos of you on social media set them to public rather than just friends, if you want your ex to be able to see them from the outside if she has unfriended you looking so happy with your new woman, she will regret what she did to you.

She will then begin to look at you as the one that got away and may contact you to try and get you back. All you need to do is focus on reactivating her feelings for you and then guide her back into a relationship. Did you enjoy it more with him? Remember, you are a prize, so treat yourself like one. You should never have to convince him to be with you.


Instead of blaming him exclusively for what happened, look within and determine how you contributed to the demise of your relationship. For instance, do you tend to question your exes about their whereabouts because you have a hard time trusting them? If so, those are your trust issues to address and fix, not his to magically resolve. Do the inner work to learn how to trust your own judgment so you can be more trusting.

That way, if he does come back, this issue won't resurface again and contribute to another breakup. When you miss your ex, don't make it easy for him. Instead of calling him during a weak moment, call a supportive friend instead. The space created during your breakup lets him actually see if he misses you.

Let him wonder what you're doing. He will begin to contact you because he wants to see you, wants a booty call or misses you. When he reaches out, respond warmly but appropriately until you know what his intentions and motivations are. Avoid sleeping with him until the issues that led to the breakup are resolved. Treating your life like it's important and of value is attractive.

How To Get Your Ex Back When He Has Moved On To a New Girlfriend

So put yourself first and do what's best for you. When your man comes back to you, don't just pick up where the relationship left off. He'll have more of an incentive to truly resolve the issues that led to the breakup because he wants you back. Now is the time to address and work through these issues. Don't let him convince you that the problem was yours.

Even if the problem started with you, the way he responded or didn't respond made things worse. Do the inner work to resolve these issues without letting him know you're doing the work because he won't believe it until he experiences the changes. He responded poorly the last time I surprised him like that, but did give me a long hug. That time, I had not heard of the Surrendered Wife and the skills you teach.

Sandra, I love your commitment to your marriage! I think your idea sounds great.

Want to win back a cheating husband? Then YOU must eat humble pie

Makes me want to get you some support too so you can have some other avenues to begin connecting with him again. Thank you for this article. Any suggestions when living separately and you are practically nonexistent to him and his interests are not healthy for you to share?

What if contact now usually involves him being nice for a while for intimacy? Thank you again for this article. That sounds so painful, and you deserve better! And you can have so much more once you know the Intimacy Skills. Your friends and family are trying to protect you and they mean well, but they may not be the best sources for this particular challenge unless they have also had a struggling relationship and turned it around.

My husband is leaving in the house but sleeping in another bedroom since he told me he is done He said he would never be able to love like he did once and this past 10 years were bad for him… He is balming me for every thing.. Off course I have faults but the sad part is he is not seeing his. How to seduce somebody like that? Laura, this reminds me of a client I had in a similar situation. She sent me an email saying they were so physically affectionate now that the kids were getting grossed out.

Thanks for your thoughts. That is from my counselor who brings in the jerry springer lie detector on the husbands she said only one man has passed the lie detector test in her offices so far. Donna, If he is a chronic cheater, someone who is not capable of being faithful, then I would have a different perspective. You know which one he is already. Just ask your gut. Focusing on the good parts, on what makes you happy can be a powerful way of breaking out of the trap of thinking your happiness depends on him. I have read both your books and it has changed my marriage.

Almost a year ago my husband told me he wanted a divorce. It was a wake up call and literally about a week later I stumbled upon your book at barnes and noble.