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    In The New York Times Book Review , the essayist Phillip Lopate wrote the pieces "demonstrate [Franzen's] generosity, humanity and love of fiction, as well as his own preference for the morally complex over the sentimental. The struggle to be a good human being, against the pulls of solipsism and narcissism , can be glimpsed in every page of these essays, which if nothing else offer a telling battle report from within the consciousness of one of our major novelists.

    see url These essays are exemplary instances of reader-friendly criticism in that they can be studied profitably even by people unfamiliar with the works in question. They also display [a] related side-effect of becoming a great novelist. That the great novelist is, by default, a great reader One way or another, the essays in Farther Away are attempts to enlarge the place where literature, and the responsiveness to it, can be preserved.


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    7. Dewey Decimal. Despite its origin as a utilitarian safety warning, the phrase has become a well known catch phrase that has been used for many other purposes. These include books, [2] films including non-English ones , [b] cartoons, [c] songs, [d] music albums, [e] and other contexts.

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      In the 's, Gary Larson , in his syndicated cartoon series The Far Side , published a cartoon showing a rear view mirror inscribed with the warning, filled with a giant eye.