Beat the Odds: The Smart Players Guide to Online Poker

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  1. To Defeat a Poker Bully, You Only Need to Know This One Secret
  2. 2 Effective Double or Nothing Strategies
  3. Understand Basic Poker Math
  4. Five Easy Ways to Improve at Texas Hold 'Em Poker

And play some cheap hands in the hopes of maybe busting a player yourself. Still, this is not your priority. If you're ahead your absolute priority is to remain there as long as you don't need to do anything more.

Top 10 Casino Tips You Need To Know To Beat The House

Don't hesitate to fold big hands, particularly pre-flop -- even sometimes if they're pocket aces. If another player with a reasonable stack goes all-in he could seriously damage your stack — unless of course you'd remain chip leader even if you lost. In this case, go ahead! Keep playing tight-aggressive, stealing blinds when you can and being more aggressive when you get good hands. If another player pushes you to go all-in, consider the situation before you make a decision: is the chip leader trying to bluff?

Is he playing it safe with a good hand like he has since the beginning of the game? Is the short stack trying to scare you? Has he got a great hand and is he trying to double his stack? The strength of your own hand is also to be considered, obviously. If you're still not sure whether you should pay or not, see if losing would put you in dire straits or if you'd be able to rebound.

To Defeat a Poker Bully, You Only Need to Know This One Secret

If the short stack is still way behind you, it's also important not to give them an opportunity to get back in the game. Now, if you do decide to fold, make sure you don't do it too often or you'll seem weak and scared. The chip leader and the other players might take advantage. Easy: you're everyone else's target and they'll want to see you bust sooner rather than later. You should stay calm and composed and wait for a good hand or an opportunity to steal the blinds or the pot. Try to catch up with the other players progressively or wait for a really big hand to go all-in. However, be careful not to waste too many chips paying blinds or you'll have to double your stack multiple times.

Double or Nothing tournaments are so specific that there are no ready-made instructions to play ''perfectly. This is kind of a ''satellite'' and you're fighting for one of the tickets.

2 Effective Double or Nothing Strategies

Playing safer than usual might work better than in a traditional sit-and-go. But you'll have to play more aggressively when the blinds go up — without taking too many risks, especially if some others players are having a hard time close to the bubble. Last but not least: keep track of your results on Excel for example. It's always useful to see how you've fared, if you're on a good streak or if you need to make changes.

The longer the period of time, the more significant your results will be. Mid-Late game: Like this article mentions, the most important thing is what happens if I lose this all-in? Yesterday, I won with 25 chips left blinded out and the big blind was also all-in with big blind with chips left as well as the chip leader, I won that hand to eliminate the bubble player I folded the previous hand pre-flop against the chip leader which I was extremely pot commited I will bet usually POT so they fold I reduce my risk of them calling thus reducing any risk to be eliminated.

TIPS: 1. Every decision you make should be to reduce risk of being eliminated! My apologies, I was clearly acting irrationally. I'll have to check one out at a different poker roon. But the article wasn't focusing on PokerStars, and you can actually find some of the "regular" Double or Nothing on other rooms like Poker or PKR, just to name a few.

Strategy-wise, the Fifty50 you describe on PokerStars are then a complete different thing, as the goal is not only to survive half the field but to really build a stack if you want to win something which really worth it and the time spent into play. The dynamic of those games is then quite different, and they would probably need another strategy piece just for them.

They just weren't automatically approved by the system. The first one was not accepted because it used the name "satan. We're checking with the author of the article on your questions. Egomania maybe?

At least you've shown how worthless this site is at this point. I went to a fifty50 on poker stars and the payout was not at all what you describe. Any thoughts on how that will change strategy? Just surviving isnt that profitable, you need to double your stack at least to double your money. Fifty fifty tournaments on pokerstars have a very different pay structure. I have heard of one where all winners got paid the same till right now. Make your first deposit at poker and they will automatically match your initial deposit with a.

Big stack early is always good. Below you'll find all the advice you need to play these tournaments efficiently. You don't have to win it. Just make the final 3. Go hard or sit back? Don't fall asleep. Don't get too confident. So he makes the all-in call with his no-pair, eight-high hand. It's how often someone makes a big call because they "knew" their opponent "had nothing. What's the deal with beginners and flush draws? It has become almost impossible to make a beginner fold a flush draw, for any amount of money. Almost all of these beginners have read the books and are aware of the idea of pot odds , claim they understand it, rattle off terms such as implied odds , equity and pot-committed, and yet still call off their whole stack on the draw heads-up.

Not only that, these beginners have no respect for a paired board, not hesitating to call off their stack on a flush draw while drawing completely dead to the boat. In a cash game it's almost always inadvisable to go broke on just a draw. Regardless of the action, board or any other factors that clearly show them they're beat, most beginner players are simply unable to fold a premium starting hand.

Understand Basic Poker Math

These beginners have to realize that even pocket aces are nothing more than one pair. Even non-premium starting hands will have beginners at the altar after hitting a strong flop. Flopping bottom two is an example of a hand beginners get easily married to. Although this hand is very strong, the only opponent willing to put large money into the pot, with very rare exceptions, is an opponent who has you crushed.

There is a time to get all your chips in the middle. Every time you're dealt AA or KK is not that time. Great tips! Question from a very green fish.

Five Easy Ways to Improve at Texas Hold 'Em Poker

Playing online holdem very small blinds. Always fold if don't get a hit, never win much only when i go all in and survive? Can some one please give me a rundown on a strategy of some kind of how to handle being in a semi strong position post flop. I hope i make sense, this game drives me batty most of the time!!! Cheers Gregory. Found these tips to be very solid advise! I refer to this page often prior to live play as a personal reminder and to pick up new tips! WPT Boot Camp student.

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Jabroni, watch a few online games at different stake levels. At the micro's you'll find close to any two cards played hoping to hit the deck in some way! Jabroni, The better you get at poker, the less the cards matter, and the more you begin to play the players, and the situations, rather than just the cards. When playing against the very best players in the world, you'll always be beat if you only play the best hands, they'll always know exactly what you're holding.

So you have to mix it up by playing any two cards, forcing your opponents to always be guessing.

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  8. For you as a player, I wouldn't recommend this style at all. The worse the hands you play, the harder your decisions will be post-flop.